For insurance purposes all members of the club are required to be members of England Fencing, part of the British Fencing Association, there are two levels of membership:
Social Membership: This is organised through the club and costs £10 per year. This membership provides insurance cover within the club only.
Junior Membership (or Musketeer for under 13): This is organised as an individual and costs £25 for Musketeers or £30 for Juniors. The insurance cover is extended to competitions and events outside the club. It also includes the Sword magazine and the ability to attend British Fencing Association (BFA) courses and to obtain BFA awards.
If you are unsure which membership to take out, the club coaches and officers would be happy to discuss it with you. To arrange Social Membership please talk to Melanie Rysdale, Treasurer. If you wish to take out Junior or Musketeer membership the application form is available through the club or via the BFA website, Please let one of the club officers have your BFA membership number as soon as it arrives.